Museo di Triora 5 Library


The section of the museum dedicated to witchcraft occupies an increasingly important part, given the particularity and fascination of the issue, connected to a series of events that took place in the Triora podesta in the years 1587-1589, fuelled by a whole series of episodes and also by myths and legends. Especially after the conferences organised by the Municipality and Pro Triora, it became necessary to find books, publications and texts on witchcraft, demonology and magic in general.

Thanks to some donations, this very special library was started, later enlarged and enriched thanks to the generosity of some scholars. A number of purchases, exchanges, auctions, etc. have been made, and the library currently contains several hundred books, including some valuable old texts that are difficult to find. Anyone who has texts relating to the subject is invited to collaborate, so that all those who are interested, including students, can take advantage of this service.