Museo di Triora 5 Museum documents

Museum documents

Every object on display in the museum, no one excluded, has its own story to tell, mostly one of hardship and sacrifice. There are many documents that record ancient customs, glorious or distressing historical facts, terrible stories and even incredible death sentences. A considerable amount of paperwork has been destroyed over the centuries, due either to tragic events (wars, fires, devastation, looting) or to neglect or, worse still, ignorance. What remains is only a drop in the ocean, but it is enough to help us understand our past, be it beautiful or ugly.

Those proposed represent only an essay, a collection that we thought it appropriate to divide into three sections:

Testimonials of life

In the future these documents will be joined by others, perhaps more interesting or significant. For now, we are content to have provided users with some of the episodes or facts that have marked the history of the already vast and populous Triorese podesta.