Museo di Triora 5 Witchcraft section

Witchcraft section

Descending into the basement of the Corso Italia building, formerly the site of the prisons, one enters the section of the Museum dedicated to Witchcraft, divided into four rooms. Two of these rooms show scenes of the interrogation and imprisonment of the accused women. In the others, as well as documents from the trial, handcrafted witches are reproduced in their daily actions.

Interrogation scenarios

Descending the stairs to the dungeon and turning sharply to the left, one enters these two narrow, dark rooms with thick stone walls.

There you can relive the grim reconstruction of some of the scenes of the interrogations held by the inquisitors during the trial. A niche contains the most frequently used instrument of torture for extracting confessions, the infamous trestle.

At the end of the narrow tunnel, after meeting the accusing gaze of the inquisitor, we reach the Witch’s prison.

The trial documents

In the basement there are two rooms, once 19th-century cells at the disposal of the Municipality, which contain copies of the documents (the originals are now kept at the Genoa State Archives) that allowed historians, including Michele Rosi and Father Francesco Ferraironi, to attempt the first reconstructions of the complex and painful events that Triora experienced between 1587 and 1589.

In addition to this important historical documentation, there is also evidence of the media coverage of the witch trials over the years.
The sad events in Trio have inspired narrations, essays, videos, plays and even comic strips. Unfortunately, it should be noted that these are often mere compilations, full of misunderstandings and errors, or works of dubious quality.

Witchcraft Icons

Scattered here and there, in the gloomy rooms of the basement dedicated to the process, are figurative representations, drawings, prints, sculptures, even small dolls that embody an imaginary world populated by witches and demons.

They are sometimes ironic or sweet, at other times more mysterious and obscure, often very different from each other, but nevertheless bear witness to a real journey into that disquiet that the supernatural can create.

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